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terry towels

Terry towels can soak up water, grease, and dirt quickly. These are lightweight and soft to the touch along with a smooth texture. Benefits of it are given too.

Terry Towel

Terry towel is a significant and essential item in every industry. Especially, in the hospitality and hotel industry, it’s used at a very high rate. This is super absorbent and gets dried very rapidly. Very extensive methods are used to Develop terry towels. These are of great strength along with fewer wrinkles. There are many benefits of terry towels and there are many aspects. All of them are described in the below section.

What is a terry towel?

A towel that is developed by using a terry cloth is called a terry towel. It can soak up water, grease, and dirt quickly. These are lightweight and soft to the touch along with a smooth texture. When you take a bath then you dry yourself by using it (it’s a common use of it).

This is developed by using woven fabric that consists of two warp beams. The inner warp develops the base fabric. While the other warp is made of intact loop piles that stand on an inner wrap.

It’s soft to the touch, absorbent, and strong cloth. These are used for different purposes like drying something, etc. This is produced from cotton fabric which makes it more durable.


The terry word originated from the French word ‘’terry’’ which means ‘’rubbing.’’ Its origin is in Turkey and at that time, they were woven by handlooms. In the 19th century, the old method was modified by European countries.

Care methods:

It requires special care from its users all around the world. You should split up towels for washing by color. This is done to maintain their superior quality. Terry towels should be washed in cold water to prevent discoloring of it.

While cleaning it in a washing machine, then properly shake them for drying it. This results in saving money and time as well. If you see any pulled loop then cut it off with scissors. Hang them on hangers and not in a hamper.

A company that provides it:

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They are providing them at very affordable prices. You can visit their website and choose from a diverse range of towels. From there, add any desired product to their cart. You can order high-quality terry towels from The Home Store.

Benefits of Terry Towel:

Terry towel is made from natural materials and that makes it eco-friendly. These are washed with normal water with soap or detergent. This has a strong capability of absorption as compared to others.

These are more durable and brilliant in strength. They are used for different purposes like beach towels, yoga mats, and plenty of others as well. Terry towels are reusable and washable.

Types of terry towels:

There are a few types of terry towels and they have their own specific properties. They all are discussed in the following section:

Jacquard terry fabric:

Various kinds of towels are woven in a jacquard machine with yarns, bodies, etc. This kind has a different pattern, complex structure, and vibrant colors. It includes many things like the structure of the fabric, yarn fineness, weaving methods, and much more.

Cut velvet terry towel:

This is a method of processing that involves cutting off the towel. After that, it’s treated in a way for keeping a flat fluffy surface. One side of the towel consists of a cut pile and a pile on the other side. These are delicate, soft, comfortable, and later printed.


Protected terry fabric:

In this glue is used for replacing the twisting process for keeping synthetic yarn. A wrong twist is done with silver for making yarn. When yarn is developed then it’s essential to return it from yarn without impurities. As a result, a soft, absorbent, and best terry towel are developed by using unstitched yarn.

Antibacterial ones:

These are used as an antibacterial towels and it puts pressure on Escherichia coli. This has original antibacterial impacts. It’s a new kind of terry towel in the world.

There are other types of terry towels are wood fiber ones that can be utilized in the kitchen. Because of its remarkable absorption of water and oil. Bamboo fiber is breathable, durable, convenient to clean, soft, and has absorption.

Microfiber terry towel is remarkable because of their durability and strength. When you wash it repeatedly then this will not disfigure.

Role in the economy:

Terry towel has a significant and positive role in the economy of a country. They stand right after bedwear concerning exports and production. These have the highest value additions for products that are exported. They contribute almost 6-7 % of textile exports.

Many companies have left using traditional methods. Now they are implementing new production methods. They are using innovation not only to meet international standards but also to achieve a competitive edge. As a result, they are providing superior quality towels with the finest yarns.

GSM stands for ‘’grams per square meter’’ which means a measure of weight. This is assigned to terry towels based on their feel, quality, and performance. For instance, GSM for cotton towels ranges from 300 and 900.

A high GSM means the towel is heavy and very absorbent. But these are difficult to wash and take time for drying.

Final Thoughts:

Terry towels can soak up water, grease, and dirt quickly. These are lightweight and soft to the touch along with a smooth texture. They are very beneficial for everyone to carry out different purposes.

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